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Neil BC Rich live 1984
12 Burrn! Magazine Japan – Whitesnake Special 2018

Interview by Howard Johnson You came to be a member of Whitesnake in quite an odd way, didn’t you?  I

20 November 2023
Neil Arias 1981
11 Whitesnake In The 90’s

Denmark, February 1999 by Rasmus Heide Despite being busy with other projects Neil Murray has recently teamed up with his

18 November 2023
Aria Integra 1989 with Sabbath
10 Who is Neil Murray? Interview with Neil Murray 1998

by David Lee – Reprinted with permission DAVID LEE How are you? NEIL MURRAY Not bad. I am rushing around

18 November 2023
Live Whitesnake USA 1984
09 Whitesnake Musicians – Neil Murray interview

November 1997 on unofficial David Coverdale & Whitesnake website: by Phillip Hackney. Copyright © 1997 P Hackney. I asked

18 November 2023
Whitesnake 1984 with BC Rich Mockingbird bass
07 Fan club magazine Snakebite interview 1984

Managed to catch up with Neil Murray a couple of weeks ago, home at long last from across the water

18 November 2023
Whitesnake live Aria SB900
05 Laurent Biehly interview 3 June 2000 David Coverdale once said to Kerrang “Neil Murray’s bass playing is the most melodic bass playing I’ve heard since

18 November 2023
03 International Musician – Musician Of The Month March 1982

Interview by Tommy Vance You don’t just play the bass do you? I understand you have co-written Bernie Marsden’s new

18 November 2023
Aria ARB-CST bass live 1998 with Brian May
02 For Bass Players Only interview with Jon Liebman June 27, 2011 Also: Video interview 2017: Neil Murray has a long history playing bass for some of the biggest names

18 November 2023
01 Guitarist interview January 1993 Gibson Keddie

Too Good To Hurry… Neil Murray has certainly earned his bass playing colours, but here he tells Gibson Keddie why

18 November 2023
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